Today's Enlightened and Effectual Leaders Breeding Tomorrow's
Today's Enlightened and Effectual Leaders Breeding Tomorrow's

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Today's Enlightened and Effectual Leaders Breeding Tomorrow's

Background: Who will lead Africa tomorrow?

Africa is the most youthful region in the world, with 41% of the population under the age of 15. Whereas much of the developed world is worried about a birth dearth, Africa is concerned about the implications of the additional 900 million people by 2050. WHO WILL LEAD THEM, especially bearing in mind that everything rises and falls with leadership, thus failed states anywhere are a threat to stable, prosperous ones everywhere?

Few “successful leaders” today—enlightened and effectual—are reproducing themselves or hatching the next generation of leaders after their kind. This will eventually call their “success” into question because ultimately success in leadership is measured by succession. Additionally, while many complain about today’s youth—especially abysmal student leadership—few are doing anything about it.

Vision: Today’s enlightened and effectual leaders breeding tomorrow’s

The purpose of ALIncubator, therefore, is to connect and engage today’s enlightened and effectual leaders with tomorrow’s potential leaders for the mutual benefit of the former, who like the Aspen tree can translate their success into significance, as well as the latter who get to be mentored for personal and leadership success.

Objectives: Breaking down the vision

  1. To instill a culture of intentional mentorship among successful Africans.
  1. To catch future leaders while they are young—to engage potential future leaders in early one-on-one, real life, real time mentoring to ensure a new generation of enlightened and effectual leaders bearing in mind that leadership is taught, not just caught.
  1. To distil and trickle down the leadership knowledge, skills and best practices learnt through ALI/Aspen (and other leadership agencies) to the next generation.
  1. To better objectively impact the student leadership front and neutralize the unhelpful political infiltration and polarisation of student ranks by partisan elements.
  1. To ensure that leaders who are invested in (at all levels) keep giving back to society i.e. a gift that keeps giving.
  1. To harvest Africa’s critical mass of enlightened and effectual leaders for positive change on the continent by harnessing the power of the Law of Explosive Growth—if you want to add growth, lead followers; if you want to multiply growth, lead leaders.

Pilot Phase: The Ghanaian & Ivorian Experiment

  1. Over several weeks in 2008, Dr. Yaw Perbi mentored the first-ever female S.R.C. President in Ghana and her team of executives at the University of Ghana (Legon), personally walking them through 10 leadership courses designed by The HuD Group based on John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.
  2. Then while serving as a Physician/Peacekeeper with the United Nations Operation in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI), he was able to pilot ALIncubatorTM at Université de Bouake through The HuD Group in Cote d’Ivoire (HuD’Ivoire).
  3. The Ivorian pilot project lasted a period of one year, during which an average of 20 young people were taught personal and leadership development weekly from August 2008 till June 2009.
  4. About a dozen of them were specially mentored over the one year period with amazing results—mentorship works!

Who’s Who?: The Project Players

Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI):
The Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) is an offshoot of the Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellowship. It seeks to develop a new generation of community-spirited leaders using the time-tested Aspen method of text-based dialogue to birth effective and enlightened successful young leaders who are committed to moving from “success to significance.” ALI has West Africa (ALIWA), East Africa and South Africa blocks.

Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN):
AGLN is a network of various Aspen leadership initiatives (ALI is one such) now comprising nearly 950 Fellows from 43 countries around the world.

The HuD Group:
The Human Development (HuD) Group is a dynamic, Christian, not-for-profit human development organisation headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Incorporated under the Companies Code of the Republic of Ghana in September 2003, The HuD Group exists to—through our People, Products, Programmes, Places and Projects—honour God, reach out to Young People in the world and connect them to help them grow in knowledge, skill and character by inspiring & empowering them to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose and reach their full potential. The Group has made an indelible mark on young people, especially in terms of radical paradigm shifts and attitudinal change regarding spirituality, sex education, academics, personal finance and investment, entrepreneurship, and general youth empowerment. It has published over 10 paradigm-shifting books including much-acclaimed YouthPower!, Financial Whizzdom, A++ and X-Sense. The HuD Group recently birthed international offices in Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire and Montreal, Canada and has started work in Lagos, Nigeria.

ALI and AGLN are the inspiration for the ALIncubator project and is powered by The HuD Group.

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